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Great Quality.  You can tell the difference in quality.  Your satin is much better than my previous vest.


Our wedding party looked awesome!  Thanks TuxedoVest.


They guys in our choir looked amazing!  So glad we went with you guys ...

Mr. Montgomery

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Tuxedo vests. Sure, they seem pretty basic, but at one time or another you’re likely to come across one, be requested to wear one, or just genuinely like wearing them on your own. You see, tuxedo vests are more than just tuxedo vests, they’re an accessory that is actually a larger part of an ensemble than most of us realize.

A tuxedo vest is a classic and formal piece of wearing any tuxedo ensemble. It is worn to cover the top of the pants and is usually favored over the other option, the cummerbund. Tuxedo vests are great because they can spruce up a tuxedo look simply from the pop of color or pattern that is on them. They give a uniform look and are a great accessory for those wearing them in groups or that really want to stand out.

For instance, we used to just see tuxedo vests worn for black tie or formal occasions, but that really isn’t the case anymore. Sure, they are still worn for formal events like weddings, galas, red carpets, etc. but, people are also now finding creative and stylish ways to incorporate vests into their wardrobes or event ensembles.

For weddings, tuxedo vests are a common sight when it comes to the groomsmen outfits. A colored vest that compliments the theme or color scheme of the wedding that could contain a pattern like tapestry or just be a classic solid satin. However, now people are taking it a step further to reinvent the tuxedo vest and wedding collaboration. A lot of groomsmen can be seen standing at the altar next to their groom sporting pants, a nice shirt, neckwear (whether that be a necktie or bow tie) and their tuxedo vest without a jacket. This look is an updated and stylish way that is becoming increasingly popular with most casual and outdoorsy weddings. It makes a statement while still making the bridal party feel special, stylish and comfortable.

Another instance where tuxedo vests never go out of style is in the performance world. Whether it’s someone (or a group) in a choir, play, acting class, musical orchestra, etc. Tuxedo vests are a way to maintain a professional and uniform appearance on stage. Novelty vests are great in situations like this because they add some fun and flair to the look which in turn only adds to the performance.

The tuxedos here at TuxedoVest.com cover all bases we covered above, and then some. With 13 different color collections, and a choice of patterns for every taste, it would be hard to not find a tuxedo vest that fits all of your specific needs. All of our vests are versatile and able to be styled with formal, costume and even casual outfits. They are also all full-back vests for ultimate coverage and comfort. They are gender neutral, so that if you have a large group everyone can feel comfortable and confident as a team when wearing their vest. At TuxedoVest.com it is our mission and pleasure to assure that all needs are met with stylish, trendy and professional vests for any and all special occasions.