Size Chart

When selecting your vest, it is recommended to factor in both your "waist size" and "jacket size". For most gentleman, "jacket size" is a good guide to use. However, if you have an athletic build with a small waist, you may want to order based on your waist size. For example, suppose you wear a 42R jacket, but you only have a 32 waist. In this case, the size "Small" would work better for you. For less-athletic gentleman who have "larger bellies", you also want to factor in your waist measurement. For example, suppose you wear a size 50 coat with a 48 waist size. If you go based on just jacket size, the size XL may be be your initial selection. However, with the 48" waist size, a size 2XL vest would be a more comfortable fit in this case.

XS 30 - 33 25" to 28"
S 34 - 38 27" to 32"
M 39 - 42 33" to 36"
L 43 - 46 37" to 41"
XL 48 - 50 42" to 46"
2XL 52 - 54 47" to 50"
3XL 56 - 58 51" to 56"
4XL 60 - 62 57" to 61"
5XL 64 - 66 62" to 66"

LONG VERSION VESTS are also available in sizes Medium through 5XL for gentleman who are 6'1" or taller.

Still confused? We take pride in assisting our customers. If you would like assistance in choosing your sizes, please feel free to contact us.