A Show & Some Style

There are certain things that stick with us throughout our many years and milestones in school. Dances, field trips, teachers, friends, etc. But, one major memory for most of us would be participating in school plays, performances and choirs.

When you’re in elementary and middle school, being selected to be in a school play or choir is one of the coolest and best feelings. To be able to showcase your talents in front of all of your peers, friends and family is something really special that most of us take along on our memory journey. There’s something about being in a choir with likeminded people that just put everything else aside when the music plays and come together to sing and perform.

But, no choir is complete without the look. Whether it’s a certain theme, pattern or color – the only way to elevate a stellar performance even more is to add some style to it.

A tuxedo vest is an excellent way to do this. They’re versatile, gender neutral and come in a number of different colors, patterns and even fabrics.

For instance, our novelty vests collection offers a variety of different fun colors and themed vests that will be sure to pop under any stage light. Different color collections such as: black, blue, grey, etc. are available as well to create a uniform and polished performance-ready look. Don’t forget to snag the perfect color-coordinating bow tie that comes in a number of different colors and patterns as well.

When we’re young, most of the time we take moments like being a part of a school club or choir for granted. But the experience truly is so special. And when we get older we might look back and think we had ridiculous hair, or how funny it was performing with your friends trying to make each other laugh while on stage, but one thing most of us can agree on is that our choir and performance style was one for the yearbooks.